10 Useful Plugins for Front-End Web Developer

Blog Life Style Web Design / January 10, 2017

Most of Front-End web developer job list would never be separated from a wide variety of plugins that can help development process. It’s because the plugins already available on internet, and the developers only needs to modify them according to their needs, so it does not need to make it from scratch. Until this second […]

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Hello Post

Life Style / October 5, 2016

testing post

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4 Ambient Sound Sites to Boost Your Productivity

Life Style / June 12, 2016

Did you often distracted when working? Maybe you can try to listen ambient sounds while doing your office work. Ambient sound is a background sound which are present in a scene or location like rain, wind, forest, water, train, noises, etc. Here we’ve compiled a list of our most favorite ambient sound sites. Noisli Noisli […]

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5 step to a successful web design project for your business

Web Design / May 12, 2016

Through years of building websites for businesses, we are at illiyin have developed a list of helpful guidelines that streamline the website creation process. Considering these 5 simple steps will help you visualise the full project cycle of building a website, and enable you to better plan your project. 1. DEFINE BUSINESS GOALS Almost every […]

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5 Joys And Sorrows Of A Programmer

Life Style / April 17, 2016

‘Programmer’, sounds like a cool job in this era of technology. It often comes with a funny quote “I’m a programmer, I have no life”. There are many assumptions saying that programmer can be a depressing job. Is that true? Are you a programmer? or maybe you have programmer friends? What do you think about […]

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